It’s Not a Blog it is a KT (Knowledge Transfer) !

My Heartfelt Greetings to all Technical enthusiasts, IT Newcomers and All Learners!

I have been thinking of writing blogs for quite some time. Yet I was hesitant because these days everybody blogs. Internet is flooded with blogs and what is that I am going to give different.

I have been working with IT field for last almost 15 yrs.What I particularly observed is people who practically write codes or fix bugs or solve tickets are limiting themselves with only the area they work.

 Reason they may not expand their horizons because they don’t get time.

And people who have better bigger picture do not work practically and so do not understand grass root problems at technology level. Some are good at coding but do not understand hardware. Some are best managers but uncomfortable on technical pitch…

I happen to get a chance to work both worlds. So I decided I will share this with everybody.

This is how I am blogging now. And I call it KT not just a blog.

I intend to share technical knowledge that I gained codes, business cases…. and a lot more.

I invite every technical enthusiast to read and provide feedback and contribute.


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