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Cloud Computing – Salesforce (SaaS)

    Duration: 30 hours
    Location: Pune
    ourse Outline:
    1. Introduction to
      1. Designing Applications on Platform
      2. Basic Application Design
      3. Building Application on Platform
      4. Introduction to Sample Application
      5. Building Data Model
      6. Data Base Concept
      7. Introducing Application
      8. Custom Apps
      9. Custom Objects
      10. Custom Fields
      11. Custom Tabs
      12. Page Layouts
    2. Introducing Business Logic
      1. Object Relationship
      2. Lookup Relationship
      3. Master-Detail Relationship
      4. Significance of Junction Object
      5. Roll-up Summary Fields
      6. Picklist Field and Field Dependencies
      7. Record Types
      8. Formula Fields
      9. Validation Rules
      10. Introducing Search Layouts
    3. Automate Business Process with Workflow
      1. Creating Workflow Rules
      2. Time Dependent Workflow Rule
      3. Introducing Email Templates
      4. Workflow Actions
      5. Automate Business Process with Approval process
      6. Multi step Approval Process
      7. Skipping Steps in Approval Process
      8. Monitoring Process
    4. Security
      1. Organization Level Security
      2. User Security
      3. Network based security
      4. Session Security
      5. Auditing Process
      6. Auditing Configuration Changes
      7. Security Framework
      8. Profile based Sharing
      9. Administrative permissions
      10. Component-based Security
      11. Record-based Sharing
      12. Introducing Sharing Rules & Role Hierarchy
      13. Introducing other concepts: Governing Limit
    5. Data Management
      1. Introducing Reports
      2. Introducing Dashboard
      3. Custom Report Types
      4. Data Management Tools
      5. Introducing Data Loader
      6. Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete data using Data Loader
    6. Customizing the Application.
      1. VisualForce Pages
      2. Introduction to Visualforce Pages
      3. VisualForce Components
      4. Form and Output Component
      5. JavaScript in VisualForce
      6. Introduction Apex Class
      7. Apex Classes
      8. Apex Data Objects
      9. Collection
      10. Loops
      11. Exception Handling
      12. Introducing Triggers
      13. Explore Deployment Process
      14. Platform IDE
      15. Basic concepts of Ant Deployment Tool
    7. Application hands-on

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Student Column
I learned Linux Kernel and Device Driver programming from Ulka ma'am, and my experience was just excellent. My entire carrier I have done Windows programming only and first time I came across Linux in her class. However her lucid style of teaching made it much easier for me to get to understand Linux and Linux Kernel. Ma'am's teaching is awesome combination of professional expertise and great teaching skills. If anyone want to dive into world of Device Drivers and Kernel I would highly recommend joining her institute
- Pranit

I did Linux kernel and Device driver course at L2IT .My exeperience has been wonderful. Topics covered from all aspects.
- Rakesh Shroff

I have completed the kernel and device driver programming & basic shell scripting courses and looking forward to complete other interested courses too. The first course was for more than a year and I really learnt a lot from it which is helping me in my IT career. I've been in Technical Support for more than 6years, however because of the courses; I was able to swiftly switch myself from support to Software Testing, down the line I have a plan to move into development. I've gained all this success because of L2IT. I would recommend everyone to join L2IT; you will definitely get more than expected for sure.
– Sachin Pathare

IF U really want to LEARN. Then don't think twice...Just join the class...I Guarantee that u will be satisfied on all forefronts...

L2IT is best for me. Ulka mam given best guidance to me to improve my 'C' skills

I have done Linux Kernel & Device driver course in L2IT. The course is well designed with guided assignments. Very experienced and knowledgeable faculty. Recommend for all those interested in higher studies, understanding OS programming. Must do a course. Excellent rating.
– Niin More

I have done Shell scripting class. My concepts are very much clear. I got to learn many new things. This training will definitely help me in career and UNIX job opportunity. Thanks Sir & mam
– Umakanta Basa

I am working in testing and this shell scripting & Unix course will definitely help me in my domain
– Trupti Joshi

I gained lot of knowledge by joining L2IT. I think that i can take up any interview in Unix now
- Santosh Surve

I have completed the Unix Shell Programming from L2IT. I was novice to Unix .But after this course I can confidently work on any Unix ,Linux flavours. Also I got very good job in leading MNC on basis of Unix knowledge. Most of the interview questions were already done in Class.
-Prasad Z.

Unix shell scripting course at L2IT is a lifetime awesome experience. Believe me you will start loving Unix/Linux after this. Cheers
– Kalyani

I have completed CCNA from L2IT and got certification also. I am now Networking Professional in India's big Company

Unix Shell scripting course at L2IT is amazing learning experience. Mam teaching is extraordinary and full with industry experience knowledge. I have recommended this course to almost all my friends

Solaris training from Sir at L2IT is simply not training like other institutes but it gives you knowledge like you are on project

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